At Basic Computers, we capture data , authenticate IDs and verify identities. With over 190 million Nigerians, Identity verification is very essential for every individual.  Our solution leverages NIMC and BVN to provide on-demand identity verification services in less than a minute.

Work History Verification

Basic computers applies business intelligence coupled with on-the-ground logistics to compile, verify, and report securely on work history data for your KYE needs. Our product empowers hiring decision makers with on-demand services that captures, compiles, maintains and reports relevant worker information to employers.

Address Verification

Basic Computers offers the fastest and cheapest, full-service address verification service in Nigeria.  Our innovative solutions integrate with multiple government and financial sector databases. Our goal is to provide timely information for the fast-paced decision maker. Our address verification process meets CBN compliance guidelines. We provide all data points including: GPS coordinates, images of street name, home address, and references from neighbors.

Guarantor Verification

Basic computers interactive guarantor verification system provides two factor authentication of guarantors: NIN and BVN verification of guarantor, SMS or electronic signature for records. With our guarantor verification services will help you reduce the risk hiring or doing business with fraudsters.

Certificate Verification

Our paperless process only requires a photo of the certificate to verify credentials from over 30+ Nigerian universities and technical schools. It’s easy for people to forge certificates these days, but with certificate verification services you will be authenticate any certificate.