At BASIC COMPUTERS, our software and hardware procurement services include determining and recommending which computers, systems, networks, or components will be best suited to our clients’ needs. We work with both large and small businesses in Lagos and around the country with our IT purchasing services. Whether you need help building an entire system or determining which one specific product to add to your network, our IT professionals can help.


Below are few reasons why you choose our software and hardware procurement services.

Substantial Cost Savings:

When working with Basic Computers for your software and hardware procurement services, you can be sure that you are receiving the best equipment at an affordable price. We have developed important partnerships with a variety of major IT vendors. Because of this, we are able to obtain discount pricing on most servers, PCs, laptops, network components, and software.

Confidence in Your Equipment:

Our IT professionals have experience working with a variety of network components and computer systems and offering software and hardware procurement services to a variety of businesses. Therefore, they understand which components will be compatible with each other and with a business’ need. We also understand which components can work in a corporate environment and which are not suited for corporate applications. When working with Basic Computers for your software hardware procurement services, you will have the confidence that your equipment will work as you need it.

Less Wasted Time:

Making purchases can be difficult, especially when you are making expensive purchases, which can have a potentially large impact on your ability to do business. With our software and hardware procurement services, we take the struggle and stress out of purchasing IT hardware or equipment for your business. We can review your business needs and requirements when working with our IT hardware procurement services in order to easily recommend the best options to suit your needs. This therefore, results in significant time saving as well.